Our Core Values

Delivering the best outcomes for our customers stem from our commitment to these five core values.

Customer Success #1

We understand the success of Total Expert is intrinsically linked to the success of our customers

We help our customers solve problems by overcoming obstacles, finding solutions, and delivering exceptional results

We are proactive, not reactive, when we see an opportunity to help our customer achieve the results they need


We deliver results that exceed our customers’ expectations

We demonstrate that greatness is the standard, not the exception

We are proud of the work we produce

People First

We lead with empathy internally and externally

We are open, honest, and respectful in our communication

We support continuous learning and work to help each other reach our full potential

We work as a team toward common goals and share the credit for being successful

We are committed to building, supporting, and celebrating a more diverse, inclusive, and accessible team


We consistently introduce and contribute to new ideas, products, and processes

We challenge the status quo and believe in continuous improvement

We embrace change to meet the needs of our people and our commitments every single day


We keep our commitments to each other and our customers and communicate along the way

We ensure our platform is trusted, data is secure, our product is high quality, and we adhere to the very highest standards of security, privacy, and data integrity

We know that our customers trust us as a valued partner and that trust must be continually earned