CIOReview: Top 20 Banking Technology Solution Companies - 2020

Total Expert was named one of CIOReview’s “Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers – 2020.”

“The banking sector is undergoing a paradigm shift, one driven by a host of different factors. New competitors from FinTechs, mounting regulations, compliance pressures, and disruptive technologies are changing the way the banking industry operates, today. Digital transformation that started as an option has turned into a necessity over the years.

In the internet world that we live in, customers can attain a vast amount of information at their fingertips in a fraction of time. With the online availability of all the information and the ability to perform an increasing number of banking functions digitally these days, most of the customers prefer digital banking as opposed to brick-and-mortar banking. This transformation has drastically changed the way relations are built and managed between the bank and its customers.

Being a commoditized space and so little to compete on, providing greater customer experience is turning out to be the key that gives banks a competitive edge over their counterparts.”

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