Total Expert Recognized as “Industry Leader” in Latest 2022 G2 Reports

In 2012, Total Expert’s platform was designed with a clear purpose: to provide financial services organizations with a marketing and sales solution custom-built for their industry. 

As the company has grown, a key part of this evolution has been a continued emphasis on receiving – and acting upon – customer feedback. And from the company’s humble beginnings being built in a real estate office basement to the latest iteration of the purpose-built platform, customer input has been encouraged every step of the way.

In the Spring 2022 reports from G2, the world’s leading independent platform for business technology reviews, Total Expert was recognized as a Leader across four categories based on customer reviews. 

Rankings Based On User Experience 

G2’s mission is to help bring greater transparency into B2B buying. Its platform hosts reviews of more than 100,000 professional services and software products, and these insights attract over 60 million annual visitors. 

G2 Reports help teams find the right software and service solutions to solve their real-world business problems with product rankings based on comparative aggregated reviews from verified users. 

In addition to being represented in this quarter’s rankings, Total Expert improved its standing since the Winter 2022 Reports, rising from a High Performer to a Category Leader in two categories. 

Providing Value to Customers

Total Expert outshone the competition as a Category Leader in four industry categories: 

  • Marketing Automation Software – These products streamline marketing workflows and measure marketing campaign outcomes, making it easier to create segmented, personalized, and timely marketing experiences for customers or prospects. 
  • Financial Services CRM Software – Traditional banks, hedge funds, investment banks, and insurance agencies use customer relationship management (CRM) software to strengthen customer relationships and coordinate client outreach. 
  • Loan Software – ​​Also known as loan management or lending software, these platforms automate and manage the loan lifecycle from origination to servicing and from processing to collections. 
  • Mortgage CRM – This software is designed for the specific needs of the mortgage industry and eases the daily responsibilities of loan officers. 

Total Expert also was recognized as a High Performer in Enterprise Marketing Automation Software.

What Total Expert Customers Are Saying

This impressive recognition couldn’t happen without the support of customers, who shared their honest assessments of Total Expert with G2 this past quarter. 

Here are a few examples of what Total Expert’s customers had to say in their reviews: 

“Total Expert empowers both users and admins to take control of their marketing and encourages them to implement more advanced strategies that are supported with training resources and live support.” 

“There isn’t much to dislike with Total Expert. They are constantly improving and gathering feedback on how to make the platform better for all users. If you can explain why it’s an issue, Total Expert will work with you to find a solution that works.”

“I like the large amounts of engagement resources available to Admins and the support that we have available to us. Other CRM platforms that I’ve worked with are not as helpful in this aspect or charge loads extra for it.”

“I have used several different marketing platforms over the last 15 years, and none measure up to Total Expert. They are the first platform I have worked with that focuses on those in the financial arena. They are constantly updating their material and capabilities, making it better and better with each release.”

Providing Value at Every Step of the Customer Journey 

An intuitive platform experience is necessary to provide industry professionals with clear, tangible value through customer engagement that builds deeper relationships. By providing regular input and feedback, Total Expert’s users have helped shape the platform into one that provides amazing benefits for businesses and customers alike.