Move Fast and Innovate: Key Themes Driving Total Expert Product Innovation

In this hyper-competitive environment, sales and marketing need to embrace modern marketing strategies that drive growth. And modern marketing techniques require modern technology.

The Total Expert Marketing Operating System (MOS) is built specifically to meet the unique needs of the financial services industry. The Total Expert MOS positions you to empower your marketing and sales organizations while ensuring you stay compliant with complex regulations – and can prove it.

In the world of SaaS (Software as a Service), solutions are ever-evolving and the pace of innovation is quick and agile. Our product roadmap reflects that – plus the priorities that we hear from our customers and prospects. As a result, three main themes drive our product innovation:

Intelligence-driven automation: Empower smarter marketing automation across all channels.

Data should be the underpinning of your marketing strategy, enabling you to make fast, fluid decisions. The Total Expert MOS brings data from a variety of sources, including corporate applications, lead capture services, consumer lending applications and more into one system. You know how your customers and prospects interact with your marketing, which helps you make intelligent decisions about how to market to them in the future.

At the core, actionable data makes your marketing automation “intelligent.” Data is great, but if you can’t use it or the insights you can glean from it, it’s worthless. Intelligent automation helps you and your salespeople make the business result (for example – a new client!), repeatable.

User Experience: Create a practical, meaningful platform that is efficient and easy to use.

We continually evaluate how to simplify use of the Total Expert MOS to provide a practical, experiential, effective, meaningful and valuable platform that is efficient and easy to use. We ask ourselves: If it takes five clicks to do something, could we change it so it only takes two clicks? If not, how can we really guide the user through these five clicks so using the platform is intuitive?

You can have the best, most robust software solution, but usability is the key. If your team is only able to figure out and use 10 percent of the functionality, then it’s not a great tool and isn’t serving its purpose. We aim to create a best-of-breed MOS and ensure it’s intuitive and 100 percent useful by the end user. By doing so, your marketing strategy can have the maximum impact on your business at the corporate and producer level.

Integrations: A comprehensive platform seamlessly integrated to all facets of your business.

The Total Expert open API enables you to push data into the MOS from your corporate applications, lead capture services, consumer lending applications, wealth management applications, your auxiliary CRMs and reporting updates – and pull data out as well. Our integrations allow you to empower your sales team to better manage their marketing efforts.

With the pace of innovation, we can’t predict what the best-of-breed tools will be in six months or three years. Our open API is intentional so that we do not inadvertently put handcuffs around what we can and can’t do in the future.

At Total Expert, our product roadmap is driven by you – our clients and prospects. These themes are our guiding light as we “innovate and move fast” every day.