3 Ways to Optimize Your Automation Efforts with Total Expert

By Alex Kidder, Marketing Program Manager at PrimeLending (NMLS 13649, Equal Housing Lender)

Winner of Total Expert’s “The Automator” Expy Award

When PrimeLending was choosing a marketing platform two years ago, we knew we needed to partner with a company that could meet us stride for stride in our growth and also offer cutting-edge automation. Total Expert was a clear fit. 

Just like Total Expert, we embrace a human-first focus at PrimeLending. One way we operate human-first is by saving time for members of our team – and our customers – with automation. Here are three ways you can, too.

1. Create a System That Funnels Customers into the Right Journey

One way you can improve your Journeys while saving time is via trigger-based automations

They can automatically initiate outreach in your customer’s preferred channel after a programmable sentiment has been triggered, e.g., a customer starts applying for a loan on your site. 

How does this benefit your financial institution? It saves your loan officers time and provides your customers with personalized messaging – fast.

Trigger-based automations can also reroute a customer into a more appropriate Journey. We pride ourselves on laying out the exact steps it takes for our customers to achieve their goals. To accomplish this, we use trigger-based automation to streamline parts of the lending process – from credit checks to origination – and funnel customers into a Journey that meets their current needs.

Think about it this way: If you decided to continue renting instead of buying your first home, would you want your financial institution to keep sending you resources on mortgage rates? Probably not.

By strategically implementing automated triggers into your Journeys, you can stay on the same page as your customers.

2. Use Reporting to Update Your Outreach

Total Expert offers top-notch reporting. Use it to steer your outreach strategy. 

These reports give admins access to a plethora of data, from conversion rates to average loan amounts. But in the right hands, these aren’t just data sets; they’re opportunities.

Reporting lets you see the components of each Journey so you can tinker with them to determine which inputs produce the best outputs. This is how you consistently deliver value to your customers and why it’s so important to remember that your Journeys are a continuous work in progress.

3. Set Aside Time to Engage with the Platform

Using a platform and understanding it are two different things. That’s why we encourage loan officers and admins to set aside time to regularly explore Total Expert.

Your teams can’t effectively implement Journeys – never mind recommending improvements – without understanding your platform and its capabilities.

Your admin might not immediately know why a Journey isn’t driving value. However, once they understand how your platform functions, they gain a clear sense of which levers they can pull, so to speak, to improve performance.

Automation Saves Time and Enhances Your Customer Relationships

One of the best things you can do for your customers and your team is save their time with trigger-based automations. Without them, an influx of new potential customers can reduce the odds that each one will receive the right message at the right time in the right channel.

With the housing market projected to remain competitive through 2022, using automation to expedite and tailor your outreach helps you meet demand and deepen your customer relationships.

PrimeLending and Total Expert are not affiliated.