American Pacific Mortgage Manages Customer Relationships with Total Expert Marketing Operating System®

“Total Expert is one of the best technology partners we work with. They are constantly seeking constructive feedback, so they can build the right solution for our needs.”

Tara Hansen, Director of Program Management, American Pacific Mortgage 

Streamlining for Speed and Efficiency

Total Expert is one of the best technology partners we work with. They are constantly seeking constructive feedback, so they can build the right solution for our needs.
Tasked with finding a solution that would be flexible enough for the varied needs of all 1000+ users, American Pacific Mortgage’s (APM’s) salespeople have at least one thing in common: the need to reach consumers faster and earlier in the customer lifecycle, with ongoing engagement throughout the relationship to build customers for life.

“Building customers for life is everything. It’s critical for [salespeople] to be able to maintain their database of clients. They’ve worked so hard to originate them and give them a wonderful experience and now we need to retain them for future business and referrals,” says APM Executive Vice President of Marketing and Production Melissa Wright.

Anything they chose would need to be able to do the heavy-lifting required to streamline marketing and sales activities. That’s where the Total Expert Marketing Operating System® (MOS) stood out in a sea of 17 solutions thanks to its:

  • Enterprise Marketing Distribution
  • Automation
  • Centralized Compliance Platform

Enterprise Marketing Distribution

Because APM is a national company, work is often duplicated in different branches.

“Total Expert makes it easy to distribute marketing content and campaigns through plug-and-play templates. All we have to do is upload content into the MOS for it to pull in the individual DBA brands. We don’t have to create 80 pieces of the same content. Surprisingly, not everyone has that as a feature,” says Director of Integration and Branch Technology Michael Guidotti.

Michael will tell you that the volume of marketing material and the sheer speed at which it gets turned around has had the biggest impact on the team since deploying the Total Expert MOS.


Leveraging the Total Expert MOS has also enabled APM to increase efficiencies and stay front and center with consumers through automation. Even when salespeople don’t log in every day, admins can set up campaigns to run automatically so personalized marketing and communications continue to reach consumers at the right time via the right channel – at scale. Hesitation from individual salespeople quickly subsides as they see the results firsthand.

Centralized Compliance Platform

For APM, the end-to-end integrations that empower salespeople to access all their preferred technology solutions from a centralized, compliance-ready platform are key to their success with Total Expert.

“There’s not a single salesperson who will use every single feature in the system. But if every salesperson can use one or two features, then it’s going to help us continue to drive adoption and support them through the platform,” says Michael.

Putting Salespeople First – Always 

As APM lays the groundwork for successful lifetime customer relationships, having a scalable solution that eliminates manual tasks and other inefficiencies has freed salespeople to focus on in-person activities that will enable them to grow their books of business and close more deals. 

What’s more, having a technology partner that gets it – one with deep industry experience and a shared vision – has earned APM’s vote of confidence.

About Total Expert

Total Expert is a fintech software pioneer of the first modern, enterprise-level Marketing Operating System® (MOS) that enables lending and financial services firms to create customers for life by blending human relationships with digital simplicity. It powers marketing and revenue growth for an estimated 10 percent of U.S. mortgage industry, and helps ensure banks and lenders stay ahead of how consumers expect to communicate, shop and manage their financial lives in the digital and social era.