ABA Bank Marketing: How Humanized Marketing Earns Customers for Life

On June 19, 2019, Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu was featured in ABA Bank Marketing. 

A couple generations ago, people expected to work with their banker on every major financial transaction for their entire life. Think about that for a minute: our grandparents likely applied for their first mortgage from a person they knew. When they wanted to buy a car, they went to that same person to talk about a loan. When it was time to think about a bigger house, same thing. If they needed help saving for their kids’ college tuition, another conversation.

They knew they’d need different financial products and advice at different life stages, but they also knew they could always turn to their banker at their dependable neighborhood bank.

Somewhere between then and now, many banks abandoned this relationship-based model for mass-marketing strategies focused primarily on acquiring new customers.

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