Credit Union Times: Get to the Point: 5 Tips for Efficient Member Communications During a Crisis

On April 24, 2020, Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu was featured in Credit Union Times.

Today, your members are worried about their physical health and their financial health. As you’ve watched COVID-19 rock global markets, you may have become aware of just how important it is to communicate clearly, quickly, and confidently with your members about the services and products you can provide in this moment. 

It’s time to put your members first, communicate clearly, and provide access to answers that span channels to provide the outstanding member service credit unions are known for regardless of circumstances, as well as assurance that their financial future is secure with you as their partner. 

Digital channels may not have been your first line of communications, but they are  now, and email communication during a crisis has a different playbook than other channels. Here are five tips to help your team communicate effectively with your members right now. 

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